Kinds and Kinkys: IK x Inkubio pre-Christmas sitz

Have you been kind or less kind this year? Are you expecting presents for Christmas or something else?

Now you can unleash the kind and / or kinky energy that has been pent up during the autumn at IK x Inkubio pre- Christmas sits! Event is held 18.12. 18.00–> at Servin mökki.

So grab yourself by your own collar and guide yourself to Smökki at 18.11. around 18 to sitz!

The event is supported by Jalotofu!


Registration opens on 8.12. at 12.00 and closes on 12.12. at 11:55 pm at: 

Registration is binding after it closes.



The event is free from harassment and we require attendees to behave and dress appropriately regardless of the theme.


WHAT: Kinds & Kinkies: IK x Inkubio little Christmas sits

WHERE: Servin’s cottage

WHEN: 18.12.2021 at 18

DC: Kind / Kinky


WHY: Because it is awkward to go in a latex costume to the family Christmas.


Corona issue:

Corona passports will be checked at the door, and in events requiring an entry fee, the participation fee will not be refunded if the passport is not valid. It is the participant’s own responsibility to ensure the validity of the corona passport if he / she wishes to participate in the event.