Cross-country skiing trip

Do you like cross-country skiing? Do you find diagonal stride difficult? Not enough sense of rhythm in Wassu? Don’t worry! In this joint start, all levels of skiers, from beginners to seasoned skiers, are welcome at the start line.

The sports officers decided to take advantage of the winter weather that has returned to the metropolitan area and organise a cross-country ski tour for the enjoyment of the guild members! So get your skis ready and join us on the trails of Leppävaara Sports Park on Sunday 5.3.!

PS. You might accidentally learn something on this run, because we will get some great expertise from the Espoon Skiing Club. In addition to a relaxed atmosphere, we will offer free technical advice from the basics to the beginner level!

!!Registration is open here !!

What: Cross-country skiing!

Where: Leppävaara sports park. Gather up at ski trail turnaround. Address Veräjäpellonkatu 17 (next to Angry birds-park).

When: on Sunday 5.3. at. 11:00

Why: Winter is back and skiing is fun!

Contact: @AaltonenSamuli @Alexavol