Cooking Mexican- A plant-based diet can be tasty and healthy!

This is a Mexican cooking course organized by our Dean Gary and her wife Lily, who is from Mexico.

In this course, we investigate the following questions:

  • Is it possible to cook delicious and healthy meals that contribute to global sustainability?
  • Can new flavours and habits help us to shape our state of mind?
  • How do small choices make big differences toward improving our lives and long-term well-being?

The course takes place over the course of three evenings at the Aalto Design Factory; 2 – 2.5 hours each time.

The dates are: 9.3. & 24.3. & 8.4.

Each of the three evenings begins with a workshop (in English) of about 40-45 minutes.

Lesson one, discusses “What is real Mexican food?” which share the traditions, key ingredients and benefits of the diet. Contrary to common belief, traditional Mexican food does not contain a lot of meat or fats and is exceptionally healthy.

Lesson two, covers “The meaning of a WHOLE”. In this context WHOLE means a balanced healthy diet filled with colors, textures and flavors. WHOLE also considers that food and food preparation is a social and emotional experience, not simply consuming calories. The third evening discusses how diet choices influence global sustainability.

Lily Hernández, who is Mexican and an expert both in nutrition and cooking, gives the first two workshops.

The third session, will be led by Gary or by one of our sustainability experts in the School of Engineering.

After the workshop, we move into the kitchen where everyone is expected to help prepare the meal. When starting from scratch, there is always plenty of chopping, cutting and stirring for everyone. In our view, feeling the food, smelling the ingredients as well as socializing with others are just as important as the mechanical act of cooking. My wife and I act as partners in guiding and engaging the participants.

Each meal will consist of a starter, soup, main course and desert. As starters, we will learn a variety of different guacamoles and salsas. Key ingredients for the soups and main courses are based on the foods that we have just learned about in the workshop. Corn tortillas and corn chips are part of every meal just as in Mexico. All the meals will be vegetarian, however, not vegan because we do use a small amount cheese as a seasoning in some dishes. The cheese is left away for individuals who prefer vegan. Recipes are shared at the end of each class. As you see from the pictures, the meal is not formal. We eat and sample foods as they become available in a relaxed and fun environment.

Everyone should try to come on each of the evenings.

Cost: You are asked to bring 5e / each time, for the cost of the ingredients


What: Mexican plant-based cooking course with cooking a 3 course meal each time and organized by Gary and Lily

When: Three evenings: 9.3. & 24.3. & 8.4 (you should be able to attend to each of them)

How much: 5e / time for the cost of the ingredients

Why: Learn to cook delicious Mexican plant-based meals + have fun with others

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