Elections 2022

The end of the year is already coming, and the Guild of Civilengineers needs new players for 2023! Next year’s board and officers will be elected at the guild’s election meeting, where you can enjoy Christmas food and exciting election debates. Apply for the guild’s volunteer and come and influence the selection of new board!

The election meeting will be held on Thursday 24.11. from 14-18 at Otakaari 4.

“At the election meeting, all members of the guild have the right to attend, speak and present. The right to vote is for the actual members, so that each one has one vote. – – You cannot vote with a proxy.”

Please make sure that you have definitely paid the guild’s membership fee by the time of the election meeting.






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Volunteering for 2023

The application to become a guild volunteer for 2023 will be done in two-parts

  • Elections – at the election meeting on 24.11. a jury and some officials are elected
  • Continued elections – after the election meeting, other officials will be selected


Advance applications for board is open on the guild’s website, where applicants can show their interest in the board position and answer the questions addressed to them. In the preliminary application, you can apply for a position by answering position-specific questions (run for office). The answers are updated daily in the candidates section of the website.

You can run for positions to be contested at the election meeting, which are:

Chairperson of the Board
Vice Chairperson
Master of Coin
Secretary and Communications Officer
Master of Corporate Relations
Master of Excursion
Master of Studies
IE (2 pcs)
Chair of Master's Committee
Chair of Fuksi Committee (2 pcs)
International BIGresponsible
Master of Culture
Master of Sports
Songmaster (1-2 pcs)
Master of Hiking (1-2 pcs)
Raft Admiral (2 pcs)
MAIK-Responsible (2 pcs)
Auditor and their Substitute Auditor (2+2 pcs)

Continued elections

The rest of the white-collar jobs will be applied for after the election meeting. The council of 2023 and the officers elected at the election meeting will select willing officers for the necessary positions in their committees. You can read more about the employees from here.

Guild officials
Little IE
Songleaders and -students
Sports coordinators
Hiking responsible
Culture responsibles
Guild room coordinators
Corporate relations assistants
Study helpers
Alumni coordinator
Draft responsibles
Website responsible
Archive responsible
Social media coordinators
Harassment contact persons
Continuity officials
Guild DJ