The Guild of Civil Engineers (abbr. IK) is a student organisation at Aalto University School of Engineering. IK is an active subgroup of Aalto University Student Union (AYY), and it was founded in 1913. This means that the Guild has a long and distinguished history. The members are quite mixed after the renewing of the bachelors and masters degrees. Members are students studying the old programme of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the new programme with majors in Energy technology, Water and Environmental Engineering, Geoinformatics and Geoengineering.


What is a guild?

A guild is a student organization that gathers together all the students studying a specific engineering field. Also students from other fields are welcome. There is 14 guilds for engineering students in Otaniemi. When IK was founded, there were only civil engineering students, but now there’s a big variety of students studying different energy, environment and civil engineering related subjects.

What does the guild do?

The Guild of Civil Engineers plans and organizes parties, excursions, sports events and other events for its members. The guild arranges a lot of activities especially for first-year students called freshmen or fuksi in Finnish. IK is a link between its students and the university, and has an influence on study matters. In addition, we manage public relations with the departments of Civil and Structural Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering and other guilds mainly here in Otaniemi, but also in other universities as well.

IK aims to fulfil the expectations and hopes of its members in the best way possible. The guild has a board consisting of 11 students selected annually. The board is responsible for organizing events and looking after the guild members’ interest. There are also over 50 guild officials, who help organize events, write for the guild newspaper and keep in touch with the support groups of the guild. There are also international tutors called kv-ISO who will help international students in everything they can. International students will be assigned a tutor of their own before coming to Finland. You can join the guild easily at our guild room with the help of the members of the board. More info here!

The guild room

The Guild room (= Kiltahuone, Kiltis) is located at Otakaari 4. The Guild room is a place to relax between your studies during the day. You can get cheap coffee and tea, meet your friends and play board games, GuitarHero or Wii. There is also the board’s office, where you can join the Guild or buy overalls or badges. You can find the guild room by going down the stairs that are on the left side of Otakaari 4 building and then turning to the door on the right.

More information and contacts:

You can get information about the upcoming events on this website, the bullet board next to the guild room and via the weekly email newsletter. You are warmly welcome to every event we organize. The Master Captain will help you in any situation. Don’t hesitate to contact!

Master’s Captain:

Aino Juvakka

+358 45 258 2697 (also WhatsApp)


Telegram: @ainojuvakka


Privacy policy for the membership register for The Guild of Civil Engineers can be found here (in Finnish).