The Civil Engineers Guild’s newsletter week 47/2019

Greetings everyone! Note especially the elections on 22.11!

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1 IK Movie Marathon 20.11.
2 Election meeting and Pre-Xmas Party 22.11.
3 Esri excursion 26.11.
4 Apply to be guild volunteer (DL 22.11.)
5 Leaving exchange students: Info about teekkari cap
6 Give feedback
7 Save the date: ENG Independence day 6.12.
8 Save the date: ENG Farewell sauna+party 12.12.

AA CLUBS (Professional Societies)

9 AKVA Christmas Sitsit + Work Point 29.11.


10 BEST Course Application ends 24.11.
11 Fyysikkospeksi: Our hopes and expectations 19.11
12 Wappusimulator 30.11.
13 Apply to be AYY volunteer



1 IK Movie Marathon in Kinopoli 20.11. 11-23 o’clock

The culture representatives of the Guild will be organizing a movie marathon to rid the cold and darkness of November in Kinopoli. It is now time to choose, what films we will be watching then!

Inform your suggestions through here:

Stay tuned for the event on Facebook later!

Election meeting and Pre-Xmas Party 22.11.


The year is about to finish and it’s time to choose the new officials for the Civil Engineers Guild for 2020! Who will be the new chair? Apply and/or come to find out what happens in the elections!

The election meeting is on Friday 22.11. at 14-18 o’clock in Otakaari 4, lecture hall 213a.

All members of the guild can attend to the meeting and are qualified to vote. Everyone has one vote.

Make sure, that you have paid the guild membership fee before attensing the meeting. Instructions on joining the guild are here:

If you are not sure whether you have paid the membership fee for the year 2019-2020, contact our Communications officer: tuomas.rasku[at]

The application for all the positions is open here:

pIKkujoulut = Pre-Xmas Party

The Pre-Xmas Party comes again! Come and enjoy the Christmassy atmosphere with the guild members to a secret location X. The buses take people after the elections startging from Otakaari 4 at 18:00. The bus drive costs 10e and it’s paid by cash.

There will be delicious Christmas food, drinks, company and program. If you want to feel the full present bag and participate in present exchange, take a max 5e worthy present with you. There is a sauna, take your towel!

The Pre-Xmas Party doesn’t finish when the plates are empty; there is an afterparty. Take your ID, money and travel card. If you don’t want to go to the afterparty, the buses will also go back to Otaniemi.

The sign up starts on Monday 12:00 in the guild’s website. There is only 50 spots, so be fast. The link to sign up is published later in the event’s facebook page.

WHAT: Pre-Xmas Party

WHERE: Place X, buses leave from Otakaari 4

WHEN: 22.11. after elections

HOW MUCH: 10e by cash

WHY: It’s Xmas

3 Esri excursion 26.11.

IK and Poligoni are organizing together an excursion to ESRI. The excursion is on 26.11.2019 and it starts at 13:00 at their office in Leppävaara (Bertel Jungin aukio 3, 02600 Espoo) and ends around 15:00.

Preliminary program:

– Introduction of ESRI and its ArcGIS-program

– Info about jobs, studies and career paths

– Snacks and drinks

30 spots will be split between IK and Poligoni. There will be 20 spots for IK and 10 spots for Poligoni.


The presentation will be in English if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Santeri Jeskanen,

Tuomas Orava,, (tg @OtaOrava)

4 Apply to be guild volunteer

The guild would not survive without its wonderful force of volunteers! You can apply for a position in the guild’s board or as a guild official in the same form! Every guild member has the right to apply for a position.

Apply here:

Applicants for the board will be updated on the Elections webpage on a daily basis here (in Finnish)

More information about the board and guild official positions can be found in the guild’s IG posts from the past weeks and more detailed descriptions of the guild officials can be found here:

The guild will elect the board of 2020 as well as the guild officials at the election meeting on the 22.11.2019, come along as an applicant and/or to vote! Please note that attending the elections and applying for a position requires that you are a member of the guild.

5 Leaving exchange students: Info about teekkari cap

If you would like to gain the points for teekkari cap, you have to accomplish all the mandatory points and HALF of the voluntary points (10 points).

You can do the song test point in our farewell sauna 12.12. and I will inform about the museo tour later.

If you are going to accomplish all the points, let Ella know about it in telegram (ellaasikainen). If you accomplish the points now, it means that you have the possibility to get the cap next Wappu (1.5.). Usually the caps are posted by mail, or sometimes students come back to Finland to get it.

6 Give feedback

You can give feedback to ENG International team here:

All kinds of ideas and comments are welcome!

7 Save the date: Independence day 6.12.

8 Save the date: Farewell sauna+party 12.12.

AA CLUBS (Professional Societies)

9 Akva Christmas Sitsit

Akva (water and environmental engineering AA club) organizes Christmas themed sitsit (29.11.) and you can do your work point there! Sign up for a shift here:

This sitsit will be held (mostly) in English so it’s a great chance for international students especially!


Read more about Akva:

If you have questions, message @annikl on TG 🎄


10 BEST Course Applications ends 24.11.

This spring, Board of European Students of Technology brings to you over 20 courses around Europe.

In these week long courses you’ll get to attend lectures, given by the university’s teaching staff or by experts from companies, on Technology, Career Related Skills, and Applied Engineering. After the lectures, you’ll also take part in evening programmes designed for you, to give you a taste of the Local BEST Group that hosts you and the local culture.

Apply here:

11 Fyysikkospeksi: Our hopes and expectations 19.11.

Fyysikkospeksi 2019 takes the viewer on a tour of recent history, to a small rustic town in the Finnish countryside, next to the middle of nowhere. The calm meandering passage of time seems endless until it doesn’t; levees protecting a harbored grudge break and long bottled resentment flows freely. An inexplicable source of darkness floats over the amber waves of grain. Ultimately, one question remains: which is thicker, blood or the murky muddy waters of the wetland?

Tickets now on sale at !

20 €   Normal ticket

15 €   Students, children, pensioner

40 €   Patron

-10 % Group ticket, min. 8 people

The duration of the show is approximately 3 hours, including an intermission. Please arrive on time, as the seats are not numbered. The doors to the theater are opened 20 minutes before the show. The show includes bright lights and loud sounds.

Group tickets are offered to groups of over 8 people when all tickets are bought at the same time. If you want to buy group tickets, please send an email to Adjacent seats are automatically reserved for groups.

Buying a patron ticket ensures that you will get the best seats in the whole theater!

12 Wappusimulator 30.11.

During the fall semester you have been introduced to numerous oddities of Finnish teekkari culture such as sitsit-party, sauna, sillis and checkpoint crawls but does it still feel like that something is missing? What is this mystical thing they call Wappu that might or might not be organized during spring?

Now that the semester is close to its end and some of you are returning to your home countries, the international committee is going to give you a first taste of this wonder of spring in a form of Wappusimulator checkpoint crawl! The event will take place on Saturday November 30th and is going to lead you through various checkpoints around Otaniemi introducing you to the wonders of Wappu. The event ends up in a farewell party for the international students in Rantasauna.

Registration will open on Monday 25.11 at 12:00 and the link for it will be posted here.

After party will be open for all.

The event is especially meant for the leaving exchange students but everyone is welcome to participate. 🙂

WHAT? Wappusimulator & farewell party

WHERE? Around Otaniemi. More info will be released later

When? 30.11. starting at 15

DC? Overalls/casual

WHY? Fellow students, Wappu & party ♥


13 Apply to be AYY volunteer

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