Pre-Xmas party sign up

Christmas is already almost around the corner but before that comes the Pre-Xmas Party! The party as usual will be held at mystery place X where a bus ride will leave from near Otakaari 4 at 18 o’clock. Christmas food, -drink, and -program will be served at the party! Furthermore there have been rumours about Rudolf Ruutinen and his journalists working hard for quality journalism to be published at the pre-Xmas party! The event costs 8€ and the sign up is binding.

Even if you’ve been naughty, at Pre-Xmas you can get if you give 🙂 You can participate in the gift sharing by taking with you a gift worth 5 € at most. There will be a sauna opportunity so be sure to bring your sauna gear!

    Kyllä / Yes

    * Pakollinen / Compulsory

    Ilmonneet / Enrolled persons:

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